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The Terms and Conditions are given a supplement those provided in the Rental Agreement signed by the customer , which is made entirely recall.

22% VAT : All prices shown on this page are in Euro and must be increased by 22% VAT except those defined as " penalty " .

Minimum Age and necessary documents:

21 years, valid driving license for at least one year and another valid identity document (identity card and / or passport).


Methods of payment:

The customer is required to pay a deposit by credit card .

 The amount of the security deposit will be equal to the value of the rental plus the amount owed by the customer in the event of damage according to the group rented .

Delivery and Return of vehicle :

One rental day consists of 24 hours. The rental starts on the day and time of delivery of the vehicle and ends on the day and time of the return of the vehicle at Planet Car Rental Car. The vehicle is delivered in perfect condition and must be returned in the same condition in which it was delivered ( except normal wear ) .


The extension of the rental with permission from the Planet Car Hire upon request at least 24 hours before the date set for the return. In case of extension of the freight without prior authorization, the extra days will be charged with the highest standard daily rate published in the price lists in force.

Group booked :

The Car Rental Car Planet reserves the right to deliver a provisional group of car higher than the initially booked for the first 7 days of rental . If the car has a duration of more than seven days , at the end of rental will be billed for the entire period the group actually paid. The customer will be provided with proper disclosure of this procedure and the same will be notified of the opportunity to withdraw without penalty or to replace the vehicle within 7 days.

Tolerance time :

The Client is obliged to notify the rental center any delay for the withdrawal of the vehicle, otherwise we apply a tolerance of 1 hour to the time of exit in the reservation; exceeded this tolerance the reservation will be lapsed without any warning. For the return of all the vehicles we apply a tolerance of 59 minutes after which it charges an extra day.

Third party liability R.C.A :

Vehicle insurance includes third party liability (RCA) , as required by the law of the country where the car is registered .

All quoted prices must be increased by 22% VAT except those defined as " penalty " .




Support :

In case of failure of the vehicle the customer is required to contact the Service Centre which will provide for the replacement or repair of the car.


Lost keys :

€ 250.00

All quoted prices must be increased by 22% VAT except those defined as " penalty " .

ancillary services

Fuel service :

The customer is obliged to return the vehicle at the end of freight, with a full tank and to do dall'addetto record at the time of check-in. In case of failure to supply the customer will be charged the cost of service recovery fuel consists of a fixed amount and a fixed fee.

The fixed amount of service equal to € 18.00 will be charged to the customer in addition to a lump sum to be applied to the missing fuel , calculated at a higher price than the market price.


Journey to leave :

Return of the vehicle in office other than that of the withdrawal , debit agreed upon .

The cars can not be returned abroad.

In case of return of the vehicle in a rental center other than that provided in the reservation and not authorized , will apply a penalty of € 180.00 ( amount not subject to VAT ) .

Young Drivers:

The minimum age of the driver is 21 years, valid driving license for at least one year and another valid ID . For ages between 21 and 24 years will be an extra charge of € 10,00 per day

Child seat :

EUR 30.00 per rental.

GPS navigation :

EUR 10.00 per day with a maximum of 5 days rental charge / month. The navigator has to be taken and delivered in the same rental center .

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